Toxic Crusaders – Playmates Complete First Wave (Playmates 1991)



Based on the hit Troma Film The Toxic Avenger. The 1990’s animated series Toxic Crusaders might not have had a long run with only 1 season before its cancellation but it certainly did have a killer gruesome line of Action Figures created by the legends that made the original TMNT line Playmates. The Toxic Crusaders Action Figures are hard to come by complete and in this condition.

This complete set includes

  • Dr Killemoff
  • Bonehead
  • Headbanger
  • Junkyard
  • Major Disaster
  • Nozone
  • Psycho
  • Radiation Ranger
  • Toxie

The toys come complete with plenty of accessories and usually a ‘secret’ highly radioactive (i.e. glow-in-the-dark) piece.

These figures are Carded, unpunched and in immaculate condition. The Toxic Crusader Complete set has been given our Bronze Rare Stamp

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