Chewbacca – Return Of The Jedi (Kenner 1983)

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Here is the loveable furball from Kenner’s 1983 Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Line. This Chewbacca is molded to resemble the character from the film with the best 1980s sculpting that the 80s could afford.  1983 saw the release of the 3rd and at the time the final Star Wars movie. To coincide with that film Kenner released all new figures.

This particular figure is AFA graded with a score 80. Its near perfect for its age with only a slight yellowing to the bubble and a notable sticker from the toy store that didn’t realize how valuable this toy would be. Lastly those black marks on the back are on the original packaging and were used to cover up the secret figures that Kenner had yet to release.

This figure comes in the clear acrylic box to keep the AFA Graded score. It is a classic and a collectors item. We have given the Kenner Chewbacca figure a Toy Nerds Silver Rare sticker as finding something as awesome and as well preserved will be a challenge.



1 in stock

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Product name: Chewbacca

Year produced: 1983

Toy line: Return Of The Jedi

Brand: Kenner

Size: 3 3/4 inch

Condition: This figure has been AFA graded with a score of 80.

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