Super Shredder – WTF Happened!

So news just broke that NECA’s highly anticipated Super Shredder figure has been cancelled here in the land down under, which has left collectors up in arms questioning.. WTF Happened?

American Toy developer NECA has been killing it lately with their highly detailed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines. Collectors and Turtle enthusiasts have been clawing at these lines since the release of the 1990’s 1/4 scale figures dropped.

Since then, we have been getting more variety like the animated cartoon series and even the 7inch versions of the popular 1/4 scale toys. NECA

With Super Shredder dropping for the US market only, a few months prior but selling out in minutes a lot of the international collectors were waiting for their moment to snag one of these incredible figures without succumbing to Evil Bay and scalper prices.

Then we get the news from Neca it was going up online once again but for the International market, given the time difference it would be 3am in Australia and knowing it would sell out in minutes like the Coming out of the shells tour figures previously it was either stay awake or miss out.

But out of nowhere Australian Company Popcultcha, who runs the market in the land down under, posted up pre order for Super Shredder a day before the Neca pre order, without blinking every Aussie collector jumped on this and then…. the downfall..

With news that an Aussie company had Super Shredder up for pre order before the Neca drop, word got back to all the TMNT groups on Facebook US collectors found out that it was easier to buy direct and in bulk instead of purchasing from Neca.

Here’s were the problem arose, Neca loses direct sales via there website with US and INT buyers who have decided it was easier to buy from Popcultcha in Australia and paying a small shipping fee.

And with small companies like ourselves, Popcultcha distributor’s posted up Super Shredder wholesale, so we jumped and ordered 30+ for our store and they flew off the virtual shelves. Feeling like a small win for Australian TMNT collectors and collectors in general we all had a Super Shredder finally and in AUD.

But as we all know in this hobby, things aren’t always this easy, there had to be a BUT coming.. and it did. Neca pulled every order and recanted ever giving confirmation that popcultcha had stock to sell via there website and wholesale distributor.

So within a instant its gone, then the floods of messages, emails and videos start to show up all over the web. Blame was shifted to Popcultcha from Neca via messages to buyers and Popcultcha blamed Neca.. the classic he said, she said thing.

Below are some of the messages floating around Facebook we saw.

But insiders saw it clearly written on the wall, Neca stuffed up and with that only a week later did they come out and offer International buyers a chance to own Super Shredder via their website for pre order.

It wasn’t a confession, nor did they admit there stuff up…

Neca ending up winning this round, taking control of the sales and making all the money. Its sad to think that such an enjoyable hobby can lend itself to these type of insanity, i feel that the pressure from collectors and social media helped us all obtain Super Shredder again, but at what cost.. Small businesses lose and the big juggernaut wins.

Did you get your Super Shredder??….

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