Ray Fillet

Is a mutant manta ray who sometimes becomes an ally of the ninja turtles and was the first figure that got me into variant hunting amongst the greater TMNT line.

It was also about the same time i realized how much money I was about to spend chasing variants… So I decided to collect loose figures instead of MOC/Carded.

Ray Fillet came with his little buddy fishstix and a throwing star names starface. I count starface amongst the mini buddies collection instead of the accessories as it has a face and a name.

The three variants of Ray fillet are:

Yellow shirt with blue vee (no colour change)

Purple shirt with red vee (colour change)

Red shirt with purple vee (colour change)

To my knowledge the yellow shirt, blue vee (non colour change) figure was released first. Then they went down the colour change design with both variants.

Also the portrait card was edited afterwards to reflect the colour change redesign. There’s an instruction on the back saying not to put in hot water or leave in the sun.

I’d imagine they incorporated that after they figured out that they started to fade. Some people argue that there’s more variants and I’ve even seen carded examples of different colours. but I believe they are just heat or sun damaged and appear different because of those factors…

As the card says… Watch it turn back to purple and red not grey and brown.

There’s a few differences in artwork on the carded versions too if people wanna look into the 5 figures I have collected.

They added in the colour change starburst last a Canadian version that has Raphael, Mondo and panda Kahn on the artwork and also a European version with Undercover Donatello, Mike the Sewer Surfer & Samurai Leo on it.

With its slightly changing from the 90s Cartoon to the Comic Books and now a variety of action figures, Ray Fillet is one of those slept on characters in your toy chest that needs to have a space next to your TMNT figures in your diorama or display.



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