The very first of the first turtles ever made in 1988 are commonly referred to as “soft heads”.

There are 3 different types of soft heads on the market:

  1. Says made in china on the rear date stamps
  2. Says made in Macao
  3. Has no country of origin (COO) and almost looks like they erased the part that said either made in china or made in Macao.

It can be hard to tell what is a soft head and what is not a soft head as not all soft heads were created equal. Some are actually pretty hard and can be disappointing when you get them as they don’t feel soft as promised.

As a general rule the ones with “no COO” are a bit harder. They all however share one common trait and that is the absence of a seam on the Softheads head. In some instances It’s probably more accurate to call them seamless heads than soft heads.

Other variations are slightly different colors in different figures and versions. Bebop has quite a pink face as a soft head but not so much as a normal figure.

Rocksteady has a bit of a blue tinge to his plastic on his head. You can also tell some Softheads have a slightly brighter yellow in the chest than hard heads aswell.

Fun fact millions of turtles were made over the 1988-1997 production run and they all say 1988 mirage studios, playmates toys. You hear people talk about 10 backs alot. Softheads were the very first of the 10 backs series. The place where it all started.

Additional info: Josh Melchert

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